Children's Museum Fun - Lovejoy Jaw Coupling (Rolling Ball Sculpture) Application

By couplingsTags Date Added 15/09/2014Views 2379

Who knew children's museums (specifically Kohl Children's Museum in Glenview, Illinois) could offer such a great opportunity to learn about and share power transmission???

In this rolling ball sculpture exhibit (also known as an auto kinetic ball machine), one electric motor power transmission system and gravity to move balls through a series of intricate and interesting pathways.

In addition to this specific ball sculpture video clip (highlighting a Lovejoy jaw coupling, electric motor, chain, sprockets, torque limiter, and pillow block bearings)... many other museum exhibits leveraged and highlighted power transmission (belt drives, linear motion, conveyors, hydraulics, pneumatics, and even gearing up to and including bevel gears!)

Time for a company field trip to your local children's museum?

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