Children's Museum Fun - Lovejoy Jaw Coupling (Child/Hydraulic Powered) Application

By couplingsTags Date Added 15/09/2014Views 2453

Who knew children's museums (specifically Kohl Children's Museum in Glenview, Illinois) could offer such a great opportunity to learn about and share power transmission???

In this application, a user (child) uses a hand crank to drive a water pump to fill a large reservoir, with a Lovejoy jaw coupling serving to handle a considerable amount of misalignment (kid powered systems take considerable abuse, and there was definitely clear misalignment between the hand crank and the pump). Once full, the reservoir would automatically empty via a valve that would squirt the water up through a hole... pushing the red ball into the air.

In addition to this specific video clip highlighting... many other museum exhibits leveraged and highlighted a huge array of power transmission solutions (belt drives, chain drives, linear motion, conveyors, pneumatics, and even gearing up to and including bevel gears!)

Time for a company field trip to your local children's museum?

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